Arlington, TX – Meet Catherine McConnell. She’s been serving clients in the DFW metroplex for over ten years and is dedicated to ensuring that her clients grow to a healthier psychological state.

Catherine, like many other’s in this service industry, had always wanted to open her own clinic. Her freedom to treat her clients as she felt was needed was paramount to her decision to open her clinic and is very excited as to what’s to come.

I’m really lucky that my passion translated into a job that i can do. Not everyone is that lucky.

Helping others is a huge part of Catherine’s life. She thrives at guiding others in finding their own answers to whatever burdens them. She says that it’s very rewarding to see a lost soul in pain come in and leave a more whole person. Her passion has really translated into a job that she can do well.

One thing that makes Cathrine McConnell’s practice different from others in this industry is the fact that she specializes in Trauma and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) in veterans and First Responders. Having lived the military life, she knows the life that our Soldiers, Sailors, Marines, and Airmen live and the trials that go along with it. This makes it much easier for these folks as they can speak to someone that knows just what they’re talking about.  Furthermore, Cathrine’s experience in this field of helping veterans is successful because she is very aware of resources available for our military veterans.

Another aspect that makes Catherine’s practice different than others is the fact that a great deal of privacy will be ensured. Paper records are only used so that she has total control over where that information can be gleamed. Privacy is important and it will be handled professionally and properly.

The biggest thing I would say to anyone who is having a hard time with making the decision to go into therapy is do it!

For those out there wondering whether or not counseling might be for you, Catherine insists that you should give it a shot.  Everyone should know that they don’t have to stay stuck in pain.  With the correct guidance, they may be surprised how quickly those symptoms can resolve.  It’s most important that help is found, no matter who a patient works with.

Catherine wanted everyone to know that she offers a free veteran’s processing group and more information on the details can be learned by contacting her.

If you or anyone that you may know need counseling services, Catherine McConnell can be reached at:

Catherine McConnell, MA, CFT, LPC
3008 B West Park Row, Arlington, TX, 76103