Fort Worth, TX.  KC Dance & Yoga opened its doors in January 2017 in the Eagle Mountain area of Northwest Fort Worth.  Kelly Carr, the owner strives to connect mind, body, spirit and people through her wonderful dance and yoga sessions.

Kelly’s offerings consist of Yoga, Barre, Fusion, Ballroom, Latin and Country Western adult social dancing that are designed to give everyone maximum benefit and back health. You will be able to find small classes and even one-on-one instruction give you the feel or personal training in a fun group setting.

Kelly’s drive and passion for dancing and yoga began in her 20s as she was involved in Ballet, Tap and Jazz while she was in college.  Her knack for making people feel comfortable as they are challenged gives her a special advantage over other dance and yoga professionals.  Sitting in this interview to learn about her business, definitely made me want to attempt one of her classes.  She really knows how to put people at ease!

The quality of instruction at KC Dance & Yoga is top notch.  They get the job done in a fun and safe way and her customers see results.  Kelly hopes that as people learn more about her studio, it will become a thriving place where many people can come and relieve stress and become healthier.

“I have my spiritual fitness.  No stress.  I hope everyone can enjoy the same.”  – Kelly Carr

Everyone should know that Kelly offers a free group session for anyone that would like to give it a shot. Kelly will be your guide and show and share with you something that is her passion.  You will learn how to relax and become one in mind, body, and spirit.  All that you have to do is show up and participate!

KC Dance & Yoga
7105 Golf Club Drive, #1206
Fort Worth, TX